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Greetings..Assalamualaikum.. :)

August 6, 2011

So Fahad Khan decided to write a blog, woop di doo!! why? I don’t have an answer, I guess I’ve always been curious as to what’s the point of writing a blog in the first place. People read them, make comments on them and that’s just it, maybe if they’re useful can change lives. I’m not here to change lives, I’m just here to write, not well as you can see, just put thoughts down on something. Something to remember me when I was 25 years old, this is how the world was, this is how I thunk, this is what I did in my free time. I have to admit, I love reading different blogs and different points of view of people. This has finally influenced me to start one too. So good luck to me :).


From → The Blogs

  1. Afifa permalink

    Good luck !!! =p

  2. Xehra permalink

    Good luck 🙂 The way you say “so fahad khan decided to write a blog” it makes you look fat, just saying =p

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