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Oh Noes… It Changed again..!

September 21, 2011

I woke up this morning to some devastating news, it was such an event that would change humanity forever. The current generation would absorb it’s incessant affect to heights beyond human imagination. No it wasn’t another attack on New York, not another destruction of Nagasaki/Hiroshima but surprise surprise, Facebook had made changes to it’s website. The Facebook gang (or people) sent me an email saying “you would receive lesser emails from now on, as the website continues to improve.. blah blah blah).

So it brings me to this, my curiosity got the best of me. I opened Facebook(as I do every morning (sad)) to few ranting status updates by my friends of how Facebook has done it again without telling it’s followers. Done what? change it’s website settings as the email mentioned. Oh Dear Agony! what will I do now 😦 how will I move on with my life, I have to learn all of this complex anomaly once again ,when will it end! God kill me now!

Some of the status updates were :

“FB changed again!! can’t they F*****in tell us beforehand for once”

“Oh no..not this shit again.. looks ugly”

“I do not like the new facebook, looks stupid.. how do you go back to the old one?”

“hahaha the jews did it again..”

“Ugh this new facebook stuff is AWFUL”

Oh and Twitter was going nuts too, my timeline was running amok for awhile as Twitter devotees who happen to dislike Facebook but use it anyway were mocking it’s changes by RT(Re tweeting) humorous innuendos all in 140 characters such as:

“Yo dawg i herd you like facebook so we put a facebook in the upper right of yo facebook so you can facebook while u facebook”

“One day, without warning, Facebook will change their url and leave us to figure it out on our own.”

Exaggeration much? it all boils down to the point of this blog. If it isn’t obvious already, we (humans) have become so impatient with such stupid things like changes on Facebook that we feel the need to express ourselves to the world of how we suffer from it. Sad right? It is one of the negatives of ingraining too much social media in to our daily lives that we start depending on it. It’s like we expect it(social websites) to deliver us the goods when needed, like your very own child getting A Grades in school, and when the child doesn’t perform the way we(parents) expect him to, we are disappointed with the result.

I don’t want to rant too much, but it kind of ticks me off when I see such stupid things as “Oh No Facebook changed again, I hate it ahhh!” in my mind I’m face-palming their face in. I hope we, the current generation get off our asses literally from the computers and convert what good comes from social websites into something real. Yes, the positives are there of using Facebook, Twitter etc.. but that doesn’t mean we need to start bitching about little things like it’s settings, or how it looks. Further, instead of joining a cause on Facebook, or RT’ing one on Twitter, why not get off that couch and actually do something about it. Just liking a page of Imran Khan on Facebook won’t get him elected, you actually have to register your vote by hand to get something done (Zohair Toru, Burger Bacha did it), or hating on Zardari by joining a cause online won’t help kicking him off his seat either. It’s a sad prospect for the current generation while we continue to bitch about the little non-issues, the big ones (Floods , Terrorism, Corruption, World hunger, etc..) continued to be ignored, I fear for the future.

A random rant ends, having said all this, I just joined Google +.. and it’s awful, I still prefer Facebook.


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