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My Background:

A Pakistani born Middle Eastern American Australian is who I am.. If that confuses you, imagine what I’m going through ha ha. Well, it is true to say the least. I was born in Lahore, Pakistan as per my birth certificate, but I have spent all if not most of my life in Doha, Qatar. Getting my education my American School of Doha and then my Degree in Business from Australia where I spent a good 4-5 years. Back in Doha  (home) now 🙂

  1. So well….you’re a Pakistani-born Australia-educated Middle-Eastern resident. Interesting 😛

  2. Pixie permalink

    Hey there. Some interesting posts on here chap. And that has got to be one of the longest identity intro I’ve ever seen.

    p.s. your observations of FOBS were very precise I must add.They made me crack up. 😛 Happy blogging.

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